Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment(LCA) is considered as building evaluation tool. The elements that are evaluated are energy modeling, daylight stimulation, materials, assemblies, systems and strategies. Anything from a building determine how efficient it is from the material in the facade to the flooring type.

2 big issues that designers face when they are trying to achieve a green building is the environment and money. LCA is there to help with those barriers, infarct if an architect applies all the LCA elements his/her design will improve in many things. If applied, the person will have a better evaluation on environmental issues, materials, and building assembly.

Digging deeper into standards and mythology one main standard is climate change. its been said that in the next 20 years its going to be more days over 100 degrees. if designers are not designing for the future that is going to be a big mistake. There are 4 main steps to LCA mythology. Goal and scope of the study which means the person has to dig deeper in the research. Inventory analysis which compares the inputs( resource consumption) and outputs (emissions). Impact assessment which is the product of materials, assembly, and building assessment. Inventory data may state which keeps record of the emissions. All of these steps are well analysed to help designers and builders.

Lastly, it is not all perfect because there arlcae many uncertainties such as variability and incompatibility of data which sets LCA as a time-consuming and complex evaluation tool.


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