AIA Article Integrated Design & Sustainability Goals

The Future is approaching and architects need to design for the future. There are 3 things that need to be taken into consideration when designing, Sustainability, BIM, and Integrated Project Delivery Method. The cities and stated need to help out the community by forcing Designers to design sustainable, meaning to have stricter energy and water usage standards. As people design more sustainable they start to realize how important it is and the benefits it brings.

The site where a building is placed is very important and it influences the sustainability factors. Some good pointers are

  • Building orientation and massing
  • Required staging area for construction
  • Preserve for natural landscaping
  • Access to transit and area amenities
  • Cost effective connection to existing utilities
  • Best site usage for storm water management

Then Comes the integrated team these are the people that decide what type of roof, window, door, floor, etc. so that the could be as effective as possible. They also tag team with the general and sub contractors to make the construction way much simpler and easier. The over all main idea of this article is how sustainability should be considered in all buildings from now on and have every team of the building put effort into makeing it the most efficient as possible but with a low price.


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