Life Cycle Of Plywood

Sadly the first step to plywood is Deforestation. Trees get torn down and stacked up on a Log Yard where all the tree trunks are stored. Then The logs get cut by a Log Yard Saw where the logs are cut into 8 feet long. All waste wood gets recycled or used as fuel. Next they go through a process called Debarking where the bark(skin of log) gets pealed off.

Next they arrive at a Lathe Machine where the logs are placed in a machine where they get flattens. The processes of the machine is that the log is placed and it keeps rolling and a set of sharp knives compress the log horizontally . Transforming the log into long thin pieces known as Veneer Core, where then they get labeled and shipped to another factory.

On this factory the proceses is to give the Veneer Core the thickness to make it plywood. This is called Glue Spreader where the Core veneer gets fed into glue roller. Then they are Hand Assembled and stacked into a wooden sandwich. Next the sheets are compressed aka Hard Press. then the sheets after being compressed they are Sanded to make them smooth and soft.

Finally the are stacked up, packed up, taped up and Labeled. They usually label them with the thickness and the company name. Once they ready they are loaded up into the 18 wheels where they are usually sent to commercial stores like Home depot or Lowes or also sent to another company so they can make furniture or used for construction where the wood is now Consumed.


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