Water Quality And Water Conservation

Over time many cities and urban areas have developed tremendously. Which in one poit of view that great but from another perspective it is causing harm. There are so many parks, buildings, streets, parking lots, etc, that there is no space for water to infiltrate back into the ground.  However the problem is trying to get fixed by implementing strategies to restore the function of watershed. Even the congress is putting effort in trying to fix  the problem with the Clean Water Act to discharge pollutants.

There are many pollution concerns that worry a lot of people mainly because it harms water quality. One of the main pollutants is Sediment which comes from the soil erosion and one of the most harmful to water because of all the particles eroded into the water. Next you have organic mater which refers to the leaves, sicks, grass clippings, and animal waste,paper, and garbage. Next all the bacteria produced by the animals such as pets, pigeons, seagulls, squirrels, and mice. Fourth is the heavy metals that affect he water like Copper, mercury, iron, aluminum, boron, zinc and many more. Next, is the toxic and synthetic chemicals such as fossil fuels. Next, is oil and grease that show up as shiny colored layers in the uppermost layer that come from vehicles. Last, is the Plant Nutrients that come from the plants. All of these factors are considered pollutants that harm the quality of the water.

When designing one should consider every aspect of its surroundings and here are a few tips on your primary goals of site designing

  • Preservation and protection of creeks, wetlands, and existing vegetation
  • Preservation of natural drainage patterns and topography to inform site design
  • Minimize and interconnections surfaces
  • Strategically channel the storm-water-flow path from first contact to discharge point
  • Consideration of storm water as a resource, not a waste product
  • Treat storm water as its source
  • Treatment trains used to remedy a wider scope of pollutants
  • Source Controls

If every person in this world puts effort into the conservation of water and maintaining the water quality at high standards the world would feel way much cleaner. This also means the processes of water reentering your water bottles, sink, shower, etc. will be way much faster. Also proceed in designing sustainable, for example use sustainable landscape planting design or instead of regular concrete pathways that gets rid of parts that water gets infiltrated into and try something else. Image result for ways to keep water clean


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