Energy Issues Standards

Climate has a huge impact on the environment. As time passes the way architects design changes as well to accommodate the environment.  Some examples of that are new developments, in cooling and lighting, specially air conditioning and fluorescent lighting, air conditioning and florescent lighting. For example air conditioning has came a long way, it started with Willis Carrier who built upon cooling technologies. Allowing the control of air and humidity. He was the first person to install air conditioning systems in commercial areas. From that era air conditioning has transformed immensely now there are shades and opportunities for air movement.

In addition florescent lighting uses less energy and produces less heat to achieve a given light output that enhances lighting. When you combine air conditioning and the lighting has many impacts on a building, also the shape of the building is influenced.

The changes in architecture from the 20th century to the 21 century are very noticeable. Some of the things that change are size, ceiling height, and window area. There are 4 major reasons why be concerned with the energy usage

  1. Fuels we currently use to generate are largely not renewable and supplies will not last indefinitely
  2.    Deposit of natural gas, ” the cleanest” fossil fuel currently in wide spread use are limited and mainly located in geopolitical hot spots
  3. Demand for fuel for global markets continues to rise and production levels especially as some current fuel exporters
  4. Coal, the resource domestically available and burned to generate much of our electricity releases gas into the atmosphere that are dramatically changing the earths climate

At this point we all should be aware that there is many things impacting the environment and by  the looks it is not getting any better. In deed there has been many implementations of the latest  Energy Standards across the United States would slow the need for new electrical generations facilities and reduce on-site use of natural gas for space and water heating and cooking. There has been many other implementationsenergy-usage to solve the problem but it just seems to not be enough.




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